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Our Partnership With WealthShield

A Collaborative Effort
To Regularly Monitor and Strategize Effectively

WealthShield is a third party investment consultant and was chosen by Authentic Counsel to provide CIO support services. We collaborate with the WealthShield team on a daily basis to monitor the capital markets, and to strategize around security selection and asset allocation decisions. Their customized services equip our advisors with the cutting-edge technology, portfolio solutions, and operational support needed to effectively serve our clients’ investment needs.

We have collaborated with WealthShield to cultivate a unique approach to portfolio management centralized on enhancing risk mitigation and providing behaviorally palatable investment solutions that align with the psychological profile of our clients. Our disciplined, rules-based investment approach is fully customizable and continuously evolves to accommodate changes in the market environment.


What This Means for You

  • Direct access to a team of experienced research analysts.
  • In-depth insight into the composition and portfolio management of a large-cap equity portfolio.
  • Access to ongoing due diligence for separate accounts and mutual funds. 
  • Annual capital market assumptions, which feed into strategic asset allocation and associated tactical tilts. 
  • A combined investment committee that meets regularly to formally review our investment framework and discuss our market outlook. 

Clint Sorenson

Clint Sorenson


Clint Sorenson, CFA®, CMT® is the Co-Founder of WealthShield, LLC. For the last decade, Clint has been focused on innovative strategies for enhancing and accelerating the traditional investment landscape. He has developed several proprietary quantitative strategies that combine behavioral, fundamental and technical analysis for a truly holistic market view.

WealthShield’s approach provides tangible insights that are historically proven and academically defensible. The investment framework and business cycle resources can be found in a white paper series being released this month. Access the first of these four papers now.

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